A holistic approach to training from the start to FEI Level competition.

The successful development of horses comes from the understanding of the horse as a whole.  At LMF Dressage we know that developing the mind and a healthy nervous system is as important as a horse's athletic development.  As a rider who has worked her way up the levels of dressage and earned every ounce of her education as a working student, groom, assistant trainer, manager, etc. Laine has a firm understanding that training can only be as good as the horse is understood, and their natural needs are met.  Time and time again this proves itself in that our training horses learn, grow in their character, and perform as happy athletes.

Laine Muir-French

USDF bronze and silver metalist, ‘L’ program graduate, FEI competetor.   


Training from the start, young horses for Dressage to the FEI Levels including Stallions. Coaching for Competition. Instruction in Horsemanship and Groundwork. Representing Quaility Sales Horses.

The Team

Supported by a great team of profesionals who give all the horses the very best in care and attention.

Sale Horses

We accept a limited number of sales horses into our program and ride and train them ourselves to prepare them for their next owner.  We believe that the success of a sale is reliant on our integrity, and genuinly care that your horse finds the right match in their next owner.


What Past and Present Clients are Saying:

“Laine takes a holistic approach to training which has tremndous results and happy horses. She works on strengthening the rider in balance and [understanding] of the aids, addresses the horses physical needs as well as any tack issues and uses a classical but kind training regimne. My horses made incredible progress and were always happy in the work. I highly reccomend her for horses of any level.”

Jeanette Bell, Owner Flying Cloud Farm. Petaluma, CA

“I’ve had 14 trainers in my long life. Laine us up there in the top. Her easy going, sweet presonality made it a joy to take lessons and learn”

Dee Laine, Novato, CA

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Laine Muir-French. Laine has been my trainer and teacher for the last eleven years.

I have found her expertise as a trainer/teacher and horse care to be exemplary. She is a very kind, thoughtful and classical trainer. She strives to make it easy for the horse to learn and is able to problem solve as issues arise. She seeks to continue her own learning by reading and riding/participating in clinics with FEI trainers, judges and International riders.

As a teacher, she is very positive and her lessons are supportive but give just enough challenge. Her knowledge of horse and rider biometrics facilitate her her ability to help you become a more effective rider. Her understanding of how people learn allows her to give lessons that are  easy to understand and build on past learning.

I highly recommend Laine as either a trainer for your horse or as a teacher for the rider.

Janet Rogers, Napa, CA

I can tell by watching Oskar’s eye, back and tail that Laine is able to communicate completely through her body, mind and spirit. She holds a deep understanding of the classical system, without compromise, and horses love her for it. She is able to blend science and art together, creating a healthy and strong partnership with the horse. Oskar’s correct muscling, fitness, health and joy in his work are a testament to Laine’s effectiveness.  

Marcy Wright, Tryon, NC

Farm Hours

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